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Peace Deluxe 2CD including Bonus tracks & Exclusive DVD £15.00

Peace Super Deluxe 180g Marble Double Vinyl, including Vinyl of Bonus tracks, plus DVD, Stencil, Poster Insert & Numbered (SIGNED) £45.00

Peace Deluxe Splatter Vinyl (Inc. Print, 7-Inch) + Deluxe 2CD/DVD £35.00

Peace Deluxe Splatter Vinyl + Bonus Exclusive 7” (SIGNED) (Inc. Print) £25.00

Peace Black Vinyl £17.00

Peace CD Album £10.00

Longsleeve Box logo T-Shirt £32.00

Phoenix LS/Zip Up Hoodie £40.00

Cancelled Tour T-Shirt Sold Out

Peace VINYL BUNDLE: Super Deluxe 180g Marble Vinyl, including Vinyl of Bonus tracks + Deluxe Splatter Vinyl & Bonus 7” + Black Vinyl £70.00

Glastonbury 94 Gold Double Vinyl £30.00

Hello Pig Cerise Double Vinyl £28.00

Mouth To Mouth Lime Green Double Vinyl £28.00

Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers Silver Double Vinyl £30.00

Zeitgeist Yellow Double Vinyl £28.00

Levellers Orange Double Vinyl £28.00

Static On The Airwaves Purple Vinyl £20.00

Letters From The Underground Pink Vinyl £20.00

We The Collective Deluxe CD Album (w/ Bonus CD) £12.99

We The Collective Picture Disc Vinyl £15.00

We The Collective Deluxe Colour Vinyl (w/ Bonus 12-Inch Vinyl) £19.99

We The Collective Black Vinyl £16.99

We The Collective CD Album £7.00

Levelling The Land Double Vinyl + Free Postcard Set £25.00