Buy Online The Levellers - Glastonbury '94 Gold Vinyl 2LP

The Levellers

Glastonbury '94 Gold Vinyl 2LP

Double LP £30.00

Release Date: 14/06/2019

Discs: 2

The Levellers are releasing a series of Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl albums spanning their 30 year career, some for the first time ever on Vinyl.

The albums will be issued by the band’s own label, On The Fiddle Recordings and have been remastered by Jon Sevink from the original 1/2” Analogue Tapes.

These will only be available from this store and selected Indies.

1. Lowlands of Holland
2. One Way
3. Belarus
4. Battle of The Beanfield
5. Julie
6. Haven't Made It
7. World Freak Show
8. The Likes of You And I
9. Dirty Davey
10. PC Keen
11. The Game
12. Fifteen Years
13. Another Man's Cause
14. English Civil War